*What’s being offered now?

1. Monthly Dinner socials

2. Bisexual awareness articles in various LGBT publications.

*So what is going to be offered? 

1. Boothe space at the annual Cleveland Pride Festival in June.

2. BIGC Speakers Bureau Outreach to Gay, Lesbian, and Trans Community organizations

3. Men, Women, and Bicurious Support Groups

4. Straight Spouse Support Group

5. Pansexual Support Group

6. Speed Dating, Dinner Socials, and other social activities

7. Annual Trip to BECAUSE conference

8. Annual BIGC Facilitator Retreats

9. BIGC planning meetings 










BISEXUALS NEED REPRESENTATION AT PRIDE!!! This Initiative has officially joined the Patreon phenomenon to raise funds for a boothe at Cleveland Pride. Consider donating to the cause here.


This Network is no longer the Bisexual Network of Greater Cleveland but now the Bisexual Iniative of Greater Cleveland. There is only one member – moi! – so there was no reason to keep emphasizing that this is a “Network.” This is an “Iniative” to become a “Network.” 


Currently, still in need of 15 dedicated Bisexual individuals (preferably at least 7 male and 7 female) who live in the Greater Cleveland area that are willing to devote their time to polishing, improving, and promoting this Initiative so it can become a Network. See the Contact list page for more information if interested.  

As part of BIGC’s outreach,

BIGC features a Fan page on Facebook .

Follow BIGC on Twitter.


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  1. Hi, Kim, keep up the good work. Barb

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