*BIGC’s National Bisexuality Day celebration

A celebration dedicated to embracing National Bisexuality Day on September 23rd!


To celebrate National Bisexuality Day on September 23rd, in 2015 the Bisexual Initiative of Greater Cleveland planned the “I am Bisexual” project.

People held up signs with traits about themselves – plus #their neighborhood and #I am Bisexual.


The purpose of this project was to show that Bisexual individuals are NOT the same; some embody stereotypes, some don’t. Some are black, some are white, some are other nationalities. Some are men, some are women, some are Trans. We all have different personalities and different values and different goals/dreams. We all look different, talk different, communicate different, and love different. But what we do all have in common is that we’re from Cleveland, Ohio (or its MANY surrounding suburbs), and that we’re Bisexual.


Email Kim at bngcohio@gmail.com  if you want to participate in the “I am Bisexual” project for 2017, or if you have other ideas you’d like the Initiative to do for the 2017 celebration.


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